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Caring and conserving our marine biodiversity is the social responsibility of every individual.

The Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Coral, Seed-A-Reef Programme is a platform for organisations and individuals to support the habitat enhancement efforts at the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park.

The Programme aims to enhance our marine biodiversity by providing areas for marine organisms to grow and reef fish to seek refuge. Coral nubbins (small coral fragments) will be transplanted from a coral nursery to Reef Enhancement Units (REUs).

Process of Reef Enhancement

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Coral nubbins, which are small coral fragments, will be attached to wall plugs. Coral nubbins will be grown in the coral nursery until of suitable size. Coral fragments will be transplanted to REUs which are placed on suitable reef zones Corals and other marine life grow on the REUs, while fish seek refuge at the REUs, hence improving the biodiversity of Marine Park’s reefs. Under NParks’ Citizen Science Programme, divers can also help to monitor the growth of the REUs every six months.

Plant-A-Coral Initiative

As a donor, you will

  • Be entitled to participate in a free intertidal guided walk at Sisters’ Islands Marine Park to experience the rich marine biodiversity. Refer to the schedule below.
  • Receive a personalised certificate of recognition.
  • Get access to photo update every six months on the progress of the REU on GCF website, for a period of three years.

With a minimum donation of $200, organisations and individuals will be able to sponsor a coral. These coral nubbins will be transplanted to Reef Enhancement Units.

  • Step 1: Donate here
  • Step 2: Complete this form

For cheque donations, complete the form in Step 2 above, and mail the cheque, payable to Garden City Fund, with your full name written at the back of the cheque, to:

Garden City Fund
c/o National Parks Board HQ
1 Cluny Road
Singapore 259569

Your donation will entitle you to a 2.5 times tax deduction, with a valid NRIC/FIN number (individual) or local UEN/Business Registration Number (organisation). We will provide your details to IRAS. We will not issue printed receipts unless upon request. If you require printed receipts, please send us an email at


Below is the schedule for the free intertidal guided walk at Sisters’ Islands Marine Park (for Plant-a-Coral donors only)*

Date Time
19 Mar 2019 3.30pm - 6.30pm
20 Mar 2019 3.30pm - 6.30pm
22 Apr 2019 6.30am - 9.30am
23 Apr 2019 6.30am - 9.30am
10 May 2019 7.30am - 10.30am
11 May 2019 8.30am - 11.30am
7 Jun 2019 7am - 10am
8 Jun 2019 7.30am - 10.30am

* Space is limited and allocation will be on a first-come, first-served basis and upon receipt of the full donation amount.
* Limited to one pax sign up per $200 donation.

The schedule for the next half of the year will be released at a later date. To check the registration status for your preferred intertidal guided walk session at Sister's Island Marine Park, email us at


Seed-A-Reef Initiative

Under the Seed-A-Reef initiative, organisations and individuals will be able to sponsor a Reef Enhancement Unit (REU) with a minimal donation of $20,000.

To kick off the programme, HSBC has fully supported the first phase of the Seed-A-Reef initiative, donating $180,000 for nine REUs.

More REUs will be put up for sponsorship in subsequent phases of the Seed-A-Reef initiative. More details will be shared later.

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