Contribute to our City in a Garden

Over the years, more corporations, foundations and individuals have stepped forward to support our City in a Garden as they understood the importance of their involvement to conserve our natural heritage and unique biodiversity.

You can also play a part in protecting and enhancing our natural heritage.

100% of your donation will go into important conservation and outreach programmes supported through the Garden City Fund. Donation will not be used to cover operating costs.

2.5 times tax deduction

Individual donors

Provide us your full name as in NRIC/FIN and your NRIC/FIN number. We will process the donation and submit your information to IRAS. The tax deduction will automatically be included in your tax assessment. You are not required to support your claim with the donation receipt.

Organisations registered in Singapore

Provide us your company registered full name and UEN number issued by ACRA/ROC/ROB. We will submit your information to IRAS and you can proceed to claim the tax deduction in your tax returns. You are not required to support your claim with the donation receipt.

For more details on donations to charities and tax deductions, please visit IRAS portal here.

If you are our existing donor and wish to inform us of any changes in personal particulars, pledge or payment details, please send us an email at

Make your donation now

Contribute to your City in a Garden by making an outright donation towards our conservation, outreach and education efforts.

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